We are Mobile App & Games Factory.

  • Multi Platform development.
  • Multi Screen.
  • Marketing Strategy.

MobChocolate specializes in iOS and Android app development. Our expert team is here to help you find the best strategy to develop and launch your app, and give you advice whenever you need it. 


When both you and our team have a clear vision of your app project, we conduct a deep analysis and document all your functionality requirements. Our team then combines the results of the analysis with their creative thinking to find the best solution for your project.


Designing an app is not only about creating a pretty picture. MobChocolate’s talented designers will think outside the box and design an app that not only looks stunning, but also is intuitive and functional.


Our app developers have the skills and the expertise to develop state of the art apps for iOS and Android. We always keep our eyes open for new technologies, so that our apps are always compatible with the latest versions of all mobile operating systems.


All our apps and projects pass diligent quality assurance testing and are delivered by highly experienced project managers. When your app is complete, we can submit it to the App Store and Google Play.